RELX 4/5/6 代煙機套餐優惠(任選)(機連彈)(優惠)(抵)(套餐)(plan)





RELX 4/5/6代煙機套餐優惠(任選)(機連彈)(優惠)(抵)(套餐)(plan)


  1. 選擇套餐:首先,您需要選擇您想要的RELX5代煙機套餐。這些套餐通常包括煙機本身、一些煙彈、充電器和其他相關附件。
  2. 確認官方正貨:請確保您購買的是官方正貨產品,以確保質量和安全。您可以在官方RELX網站或授權經銷商處購買。
  3. 訂購流程:點擊您所選套餐的訂購選項。您需要提供您的配送地址、聯絡信息和付款方式。請仔細檢查訂單內容,確保一切正確。
  4. 選擇付款方式:通常,您可以使用信用卡、網上支付或其他付款方式來支付您的訂單。請根據您的喜好選擇適合您的付款方式。






總之,RELX 5代煙機套餐優惠為您提供了一個靈活且具有多樣性的選擇,確保您滿足您的吸煙需求。無論您喜歡什麼樣的口味和款式,我們都有您所需的選項。請不要錯過這個機會,立即選購您的RELX 5代煙機套餐!

RELX 4/5/6 代煙機套餐優惠(優惠)(機連彈)(抵)(任選)(套餐)(plan)

以上所有煙機與煙彈 全部通用。


然後在whatsapp內 留下想要的款式 以及想要的口味 以及數量(如選原廠彈需每盒+$10)



RELX4/5/6 generation cigarette machine package discount (optional) (machine with bomb) (discount) (offer) (package) (plan)

The RELX5 generation cigarette machine package discount is a special discount plan that provides official genuine RELX electronic cigarettes. The following is the general ordering process, which may vary by region and vendor:

Choose a package: First, you need to choose the RELX5 generation cigarette machine package you want. These packages usually include the smoke machine itself, some cartridges, chargers, and other related accessories.

Confirm the official product: Please make sure you are purchasing an official product to ensure quality and safety. You can purchase it on the official RELX website or from an authorized dealer.

Ordering Process: Click on the ordering option for your chosen package. You will need to provide your shipping address, contact information and payment method. Please check the contents of your order carefully to make sure everything is correct.

Select a payment method: Typically, you can pay for your order using a credit card, online payment, or other payment methods. Please choose the payment method that suits you according to your preference.

Select the flavor and quantity: Through WhatsApp, you can tell us the style of cigarette machine you like, the flavor type and the quantity required. It’s a simple and convenient process, giving you the freedom to pick the option that’s best for you.


Original cartridge selection:

If you prefer original cigarette cartridges, you only need to pay an additional fee of +$10 per box.


In short, the RELX 5th generation cigarette machine package offer provides you with a flexible and diverse choice to ensure that you meet your smoking needs. No matter what flavors and styles you prefer, we have the options you need. Don’t miss this opportunity and purchase your RELX 5th generation hood package now!

The host can use the following pods:

RELX 4 Infinity – Original Vape Pods (28 Flavors)
MEGA Pods For RELX 5 (17 Flavors)
LANA Pods | Compatible With RELX 4 And RELX 5 (14 Flavors)


A餐(1機3彈), B餐(1機5彈), C餐(1機10彈), D餐(2機1彈), E餐(2機7彈), F餐(2機14彈), G餐(2機20彈), H餐(3機2彈), I餐(3機15彈), J餐(3機30彈)

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