Relx 悅刻一代電子煙主機(小煙量)(悅刻經典)(1.8v電)-輕悅電子煙





Relx 悅刻一代電子煙主機(小煙量)(悅刻經典)(1.8v電)-輕悅電子煙



  1. 低電壓設計:Relx悅刻一代的電子煙主機運作於1.8伏特的電壓下。這個低電壓設計有助於實現較小的煙量,使得吸煙過程更加溫和。
  2. 充電迅速:這款電子煙主機的充電時間非常快,僅需45-60分鐘,就可以充滿電,提供250-300口的吸煙量。這意味著您無需長時間等待即可享受吸煙樂趣。
  3. 便攜性:Relx悅刻一代主機通常設計緊湊,方便攜帶。您可以輕鬆將它放入口袋或手袋中,隨時準備享受電子煙的便利。
  4. 單一使用:雖然Relx悅刻一代電子煙主機簡單易用,但它通常是單一使用的,意味著當內部的煙彈耗盡後,您可能需要更換整個主機。
  5. 口感溫和:由於低電壓設計,Relx悅刻一代的口感通常較為溫和,適合那些偏好輕吸煙的吸煙者。








Relx 悅刻一代電子煙主機(悅刻經典)(1.8v電)(小煙量)-輕悅電子煙


Relx 原廠 一代煙彈(14種口味)
美國 LUX 一代通用煙彈(22種口味)
韓國 JMG 一代通用煙彈(12種口味)
日本 Pino 一代通用煙彈(21種口味)
中國Lana 一代通用煙彈(21種口味)
歡喜 一代通用煙彈 (52種口味)

RELX 1代電子煙機


Relx first generation electronic cigarette host (small cigarette volume) (Relx classic) (1.8v electricity) – Qingyue Electronic Cigarette


Relx first-generation electronic cigarette host is an electronic cigarette product with the following characteristics:

Low-voltage design: Relx’s first-generation electronic cigarette host operates at a voltage of 1.8 volts. This low-voltage design helps achieve smaller smoke volume, making the smoking process gentler.

Fast charging: The charging time of this electronic cigarette host is very fast. It only takes 45-60 minutes to fully charge, providing 250-300 puffs of smoking. This means you don’t have to wait long to enjoy smoking.

Portability: Relx first-generation consoles are usually designed to be compact and easy to carry. You can easily slip it into your pocket or handbag and be ready to enjoy the convenience of vaping.

Single use: Although the Relx first-generation electronic cigarette host is simple and easy to use, it is usually single-use, which means that when the cigarette cartridge inside is exhausted, you may need to replace the entire host.

Mild taste: Due to the low-voltage design, Relx’s taste is generally mild, suitable for smokers who prefer light smoking.


Because it uses high-density electronic components, please place it carefully to prevent it from falling.
Please make sure not to get wet during use to avoid damage to the machine.

Battery capacity: 2.0mL
Charging time: 45-60 minutes
Number of ports available in full power state: 250~300 ports
Tobacco stick machine weight: 17g

深海藍, 星空灰, 實力紅, 仙女藍, 流金夜影, 金粉暮光, 炫紫星海, 初雪白, 神秘蒼藍, 粉紅色, 黑

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